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The New 2021 Advertising Campaign on air from September

news 30 Aug 2021

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B&B Italia brings Antonio Citterio's Noonu sofa system to the stage for the new advertising campaign, continuing its collaboration with Rich Stapleton as creative director and photographer.

B&B Italia continues its collaboration with Rich Stapleton for the development of the new advertising campaign that brings Antonio Citterio's Noonu to the stage, one of the company's brand-new proposals for 2021.

The new sofa system is based around the concept of an atoll formation: the four basic elements of the seat, suitably combined, work together like floating islands. Hence “Noonu”, the name of the sofa, but also a real atoll of the Maldives. The basic elements of the sofa are available in two innovative shapes, in addition to the traditional square and rectangular ones: “sail” with a with a rounded volume at the front.; and "piano", with a sweeping curved back.

"The main challenge for this campaign was how to present these shapes in a manner that shows the beauty of their unique forms, in a setting that also demonstrates the impressive scale of the pieces”, says Rich Stapleton, creative director and photographer of the ad campaign.

“For this shoot, we collaborated with B&B Italia’s artistic director - Piero Lissoni. His vision for the campaign was to continue the thread of what we had started with the Camaleonda campaign in 2020, but to bring in an additional element of theatre, and of romance. He referenced the pre-Raphaelite era: an art movement that held mimesis - the imitation of nature - as one of its central themes, and promoted a return to a brilliance of colour championed by Italian painters in the renaissance period. To achieve this, we envisaged creating a scene with atmospheric lighting and mood in a grand space that holds a certain sense of history and tradition, and that also has close ties to nature and the arts”.

Noonu was photographed in the 18th century library of Accademia delle Scienze (Academy of Sciences) in the historical city of Turin. It was the National academy of the Kingdom of Italy until 1874. The library has an impressive collection of volumes that includes over 250,000 scientific and humanistic books.

The new advertising campaign will be on air worldwide starting from September and will be supported by an omnichannel communication plan: a digital and single/double page print campaign on the most prestigious international magazines and a social media activation on all B&B Italia platforms.

During Salone del Mobile it will also be visible in the center of Milan in an out of home circuit.

Creative Direction & Photography - Rich Stapleton ( | Location - Accademia delle Scienze (Academy of Sciences), Turin, Italy