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B&B Italia Outdoor garden tables are made with unmistakable design, hi-tech materials and a guarantee of quality. Excellence also in outdoor furnishings.

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Modern Outdoor Tables

There is no garden without a beautiful table and chairs. Nothing should be improvised – you need especially designed outdoor chairs and tables. A number of elements should be taken into account when making your choice. Firstly, how much do you want to live in the garden? If the garden serves mostly as a place where to receive guests, you can choose an elegant round table where you can arrange the bottles of soft drinks and prosecco for a cheerful spritz with friends. In this case it is better to choose a large table, which can be useful at any time of the day. For example, on a summer afternoon a large table can allow those who need to use part of it to study. At the same time someone else may want to use it to read the newspaper in the shade. It is always good to have matching chairs, with removable and easily washable cushions especially if the table is going to be used for dining. It is likely that sooner or later they will get dirty.

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