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Be inspired by the B&B Italia italian sofas design. Two or three-seat, corner or L- shaped sofas provide complete relaxation.

Italian sofas design

Besides fabric sofas, which are sophisticated in natural colours or modern in bright colours, there are leather sofas which provide a more classical elegance These are hallmarks of comfort, high quality and timeless italian design.


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Contemporary and Designer sofas

Sofas are an essential home design element. When we talk about the living room, sofas are undoubtedly its master. It is a matter of style and comfort; they should be imagined and placed in an environment where they can “live." Any choice must take into account two elements: the quality of materials and the design. The first is essential, because once a sofa is purchased it will last for years, and may endure particularly brutal treatment, such as having to accommodate several people every day (think of a sofa in a professional firm). Of course, we must pay attention to the upholstery, the wooden frame and  the ergonomics. The design, especially for high-end products, it is a matter of style that must be functional for the sofa’s environment. We suggest the support of an interior designer during the choice phase. It is important to choose professionals, furniture producers and furnishing consultants who know the product they sell and understand the needs of those who want to buy a quality piece of furniture. Once the high quality and design level is ascertained, what remains is to choose the most suitable sofas for our needs. They can have two or three seats, with corner, L-shaped or standard, in leather or fabric, classic or modern. The important thing is to focus on the high “Made in Italy” quality. B&B Italia’s objective is to offer the highest quality, aesthetic value, maximum comfort and long-lasting durability throughout the years for all premium or visible product components and hidden details. One of the more significant aspects that has set B&B Italia apart since the beginning is the use of cold-moulded polyurethane foam. This bold experiment, which the company was first in the world to perfect, started a genuine revolution in upholstered furnishings by introducing important quality-related improvements. This technology provides many advantages to traditional upholstery methods, such as increased product durability, uniform seats and shapes which can provide better relaxation. B&B Italia provides a10-year guarantee for its upholstered furniture (iron frame embedded in cold-moulded polyurethane foam). Discover the sofas by B&B Italia that can be purchased online.

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