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2023 B&B Italia Outdoor Advertising Campaign

news 02 Mar 2023

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B&B Italia unveils the new 2023 Outdoor advertising campaign that brings Piero Lissoni’s Nooch modular seating system to the stage, one of B&B Italia’s brand-new proposals for 2023 outdoor collection.

After the great success of Borea, Piero Lissoni and B&B Italia continue to pursue research and sustainability in the outdoor sector creating Nooch, a seating system that offers the possibility of combining infinite solutions from two base modules with or without backrests and armrests. Its key feature is the tubular structure in recycled aluminum, a light and strong material, completely recyclable. The paddings are also designed with sustainability in mind. They use regenerated materials, which are completely separable, and consist of two layers of polyurethane with different densities and firmness.

Piero Lissoni, B&B Italia’s Artistic Director, chose a private villa in Marrakesh, Morocco, to feature Nooch which was shot through the lens of photographer Tommaso Sartori.

We chose a dry, almost archetypal architecture that relates to a natural setting capable of connoting a place and exciting. We have chosen these places for their light and purity.The broad image manages to incorporate different stratifications of the landscape by bringing the gaze into the distance and drawing different levels, even on a graphic level. The minimal and geometric architecture, almost a theatrical backdrop, builds different and unexpected perspectives and functions as a support for the scene in the foreground which remains the protagonist.

The new outdoor advertising campaign will be on air worldwide starting from March 2023 and will be supported by an omnichannel communication plan: a digital and single page print campaign on the most prestigious international magazines and a social media activation on all B&B Italia platforms.


Photography Tommaso Sartori