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Vincent Van Duysen

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Beim Entwurf des Tisches Oskar folgt Vincent Van Duysen einer architektonischen Tradition, wobei sowohl die Erfahrungen der großen Meister einfließen, als auch sein ureigener Stil: das auf diese Weise entstandene Möbel ist in der Lage, in einen Dialog mit seiner Umgebung zu treten. Der leichte Abstand zwischen Platte und Tischbeinen, die an das Gestell "angehängten" Beine, die abgerundeten und abgeschrägten Formen der Tischplatte, sowie die leichte Verjüngung der Beine nach unten drücken zwar einerseits ein komplexes Design aus, gleichzeitig aber auch eine außergewöhnliche Schlichtheit. Dank unterschiedlicher Proportionen und Volumen sowie einer reichen Auswahl an Ausführungen kann dieser Tisch ganz nach Belieben personalisiert werden. Eine besonders edle Variante ist die Ausführung mit Tischplatte aus Glas Kathedral mit unregelmäßiger Oberfläche in zartem grün, die hervorragend zu den lackierten Tischbeinen im Farbton smaragdgrün glänzend passt. Oskar ist in vier Größen erhältlich, davon drei rechteckige und eine quadratische Ausführung.


Oskar is a table seen through the eyes of an architect. It was designed by Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen, and this is how he describes its inspiration: “it is named as a tribute to Oscar Niemeyer and this choice, beyond the individual name, reflects my veneration for all great modern architects whose work is a combination of fluidity, sensuality and expression through materials”.

This masterpiece of “classic future” style stands out for its harmonious proportions and the tactile sensations of the different materials and finishes used.

The most evident classic styling element is the use of cathedral glass, make with a technical procedure invented by the B&B Italia research and development department (Centro Ricerche & Sviluppo B&B Italia). Before it is cooled, the glass sheet is put on top of a metal sheet with an imperfect surface that gives it the characteristic movement of fresh plaster.

Thanks to the plasticity of the forms, the top appears to be slightly detached from the legs, almost suspended, which accentuates the combination of materials even more.

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Paneel aus Spanholz und Massivholz furniert, Paneel aus MDF Holzfaser, Glas oder Marmor (Polyesterausführung matt)

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Vincent Van Duysen

Vincent Van Duysen was born in Lokeren, Belgium, in 1962. After earning a degree from the Sint-Lucas School of Architecture, Ghent, he worked with Aldo Cibic in Milan, followed by a collaboration with Jean De Meulder in Antwerp. In 1989, he established Vincent Van Duysen Architects.

Today, the firm has grown into a team of more than twenty collaborators with works ranging from product design for numerous international brands, to commercial and large-scale architectural projects, with a focus on high-end residences. From the outset, a definite relationship between architecture, interior and product design has been the driving force behind the conception of projects. With respect to context and tradition, it is an approach within which the senses, the physical experience of space, the textures and the light place the integrity of the user at its core. Functionality, durability and comfort are the prime components of the project, an architectural language not shy to convey aesthetics, but prone to eschew fashion and trends.

During his career, Vincent Van Duysen has received multiple awards, among them the Flemish Culture Prize for Design, the Belgian Designer of the Year and the Henry van de Velde Lifetime Achievement Award. His projects and realizations have also been featured in different monographs among which those edited by renowned publishing house Thames & Hudson.

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