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A wide range of italian modern beds to furnish the master bedroom made unique through the design language.

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Designer and Contemporary italian beds

When we are at home, the bedroom is where we spend most time. It is the most intimate environment and it is essential to feel comfortable. The choice of a high-quality designer bed is a must. The history of furnishing can be seen by watching the evolution of headboards. In the past, wood was a prestige material and the convoluted decoration was proportionate with the importance of the investment and social class. Through-out the years the minimalist and linear style has increasingly emerged. Next to the wooden beds of handcrafted solid wood there are those made from fabrics, and upholstered. Available in fabric or leather, they have the comfort of upholstery to create a perfect backing for relaxation during the evening hours reading or while watching TV. Some beds do not have legs to raise them from the ground. Instead they have a concealed cabinet which, thanks to their efficient mechanical components, easily lifts the slatted base and mattress without undoing the bed. Everything can then be placed in the large storage space. For the more romantic customers, there are some very compelling solutions. beds of the past with their canopies live again today in neat and pleasing lines and can guarantee the original function and elegantly furnish the bedroom. Wooden beds are an almost handicraft production which expresses the Made in Italy charm and luxury. Discover the beds by B&B Italia that can be purchased online.

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