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Antonio Citterio Paolo Nava

Diesis Sofas
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Diesis ist in die Geschichte des modernen Designs eingegangen. Innovative Technik und hochwertige Materialien, wie etwa Gestell aus Aluminium glanzpoliert verweisen auf seine Unvergänglichkeit. Mit Leder- oder Stoffbezug ist Diesis auch von hinten elegant. Das Design der Rückenlehne lässt das flexible Gestell erkennen und ermöglicht eine Aufstellung auch in der Mitte des Raums.


Technology, elegance, ergonomics and comfort. Diesis has entered the history of contemporary design, appreciated by the international public. A classic project of modern tradition, this piece exhibits fine craftsmanship for the leather-working processes, while taking full advantage of new technologies in order to optimise quality and product lifetime. The metal load bearing structure defines the seat, back and armrests with precision, which look like soft padded cushions. Minimalism is expressed clearly in the design, which differentiates between structural and non-structural elements. The three-seat sofa was created to be set in the centre of a room like a work of art.

The original objective of the project is clear - to create an elegant formal sofa with a classic look, according to the design orientation of the Modern Movement. As for the projects in the years 1925-1929, also in this case, they went through the complete separation of the structure and the padded parts. The sofa structure is in die-cast with a hollow steel bar inserted in the interior to increase elastic resistance of the legs. The underseat frame is make from bonding two pieces of metal sheet. Other details, such as the steel comb-shaped back in harmonic steel covered in leather, the cast brass parts and the leather which is micro-perforated for aeration, have all become characteristic and decorative - which denotes the careful attention dedicated to this product and its strong personality.

Technical information

Stahlrohre und -profile, geformtes Polyurethan mit Bezug aus Leder

Sitzkissen Füllung
geformtes Polyurethan verschiedener Dichten, memory foam viscoelastischer Polyurethan, sterilisierte Daunen, Polyurethanplatten, Futter aus Polyesterfaser

Rückenkissen Füllung
geformtes Polyurethan, sterilisierte Daunen

Armlehnkissen Füllung
sterilisierte Daunen

Traggestell und Füße
Aluminiumguss und Stahlrohre


Stoff oder Leder


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