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Living storage units

Living Room Storage

Wrap yourself in the dream of a perfectly organized and refined living space. The exclusive B&B Italia storage units transform the living area into a space characterized by elegance and harmony, where organization merges with style, creating a scenario of timeless beauty.

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Modern and Design Living Room Furniture

B&B Italia storage units are functional works of art that create organized spaces with rationality. They offer hidden spaces to maintain order without compromising style.

The importance of choosing Italian design furniture and quality storage lies in the ability of Made in Italy to transform living spaces into scenarios of exclusive elegance.

Each B&B Italia piece is conceived with craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in functional solutions that exceed aesthetic expectations.

In addition to the living room, storage units find their natural place in different areas of the house, from the bedroom to the study, creating an aesthetic cohesion that elevates every space.

Living Room Bookcase and Wall Bookshelves

B&B Italia design bookcases for the living room are true masterpieces that elevate space organization to an art form.

In addition to offering functionality, furnishings such as living room bookshelves become display elements of culture and style. With innovative designs and precious materials, B&B Italia bookcase furniture can transform the living room into a space of refined aesthetic taste. Each shelf of the living room bookshelves becomes a frame for literary works and art objects, creating an environment that reflects the personality and elegance of its inhabitants.

The choice of bookcases with storage or a bookcase to be inserted in a fitted wall is not only an act of organization but also an investment in the art of living with style.

Media Wall Units and Storage Furniture

Among the furnishing complements, shelves, and B&B Italia design storage furniture integrate technology and design, offering innovative and visually striking solutions.

With stations for devices and spaces for storing books or art objects, storage furniture integrates with a fitted wall or can become TV furniture inserted under a wall bookcase.

They find their natural place in modern living rooms and their versatility makes them suitable for studies or office spaces.

Sideboards and Buffets for the Living Room

B&B Italia's modern design sideboards and buffets transform the dining area into an aesthetically curated space. Modern sideboards and buffets for the living room are made with precious materials, and provide storage space for dishes and utensils, emphasizing the connection between functionality and design.

Placed in kitchens or dining rooms, modern design sideboards and buffets add a touch of natural elegance.

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