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Studio unPIZZO

unPIZZO is a design studio with a small artisan workshop, specialized in interlacing for furnishing. Created in 2014 by Agnese Selva and Bettina Colombo, the studio begins by thinking about the shape and use of traditional Brianza lace, with the aim of enhancing and rethinking it, experimenting with a new design approach, for a contemporary aesthetic and functionality.

The projects are born from the study of traditional interlacing revisited in a modern key and applied to new products designed to enhance the textures of the ancient stories they tell. After the debut at the Salone del Mobile in 2016, thanks to the consensus obtained, unPIZZO continued with important collaborations that confirm the great potential of their work.

  1. outdoor_complement_Tramae_01-miniatura.jpg
    Tramae Studio unPIZZO