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Modern tables with a unique and unmistakable italian design for the kitchen, the living room, dining and public spaces.

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Designer and Modern italian tables for living room, dining, kitchen

Tables have always been at the heart of the home – the meeting point of a family who gather around it for the main daily meals. Choosing the right table is not easy, it has a mostly practical and an aesthetic function. For a living room table, the ideal height should be between 70 and 75 cm. To ensure a correct posture, the height of the chairs arranged around it should be 45 cm. In addition, each guest must have about 60 cm of available space. The shape is determined by the table choice, because it should enable optimum use within the space it occupies. Rectangular tables fit more easily within a room because they follow the lines drawn by the walls. The round tables take up more space, but are more functional because they place each diner in identical conditions. A great solution might be an oval table, or the unique and functional design of the Seven table. The design leans on the strength of the material to express its style. Wood and marble give warmth and prestige to the dining area. Metal and glass imprints a simple elegance and emphasises the purity of lines. The resin has a functional, practical and minimalist look in the kitchen and in the living room. Discover the tables by B&B Italia that can be purchased online.

Small Kitchen Tables

Adding a touch of style and functionality to more contained spaces is an art, and B&B Italia's small dining tables embody this philosophy with elegance and practicality. Small extendable tables represent a clever solution to optimize space without sacrificing comfort. Able to adapt to needs, small dining tables offer flexibility without compromising style. Their intelligent design allows you to expand the surface during special occasions and reduce it for everyday needs.

For those who love conviviality without sacrificing elegance, small round tables are an ideal option. They take up less space than their rectangular counterparts, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Their shape facilitates conversation and promotes a fair seating arrangement.

Small rectangular tables, on the other hand, fit with agility in more linear spaces and follow the direction of the walls, ensuring harmonious integration into the environment. The choice of shape is closely linked to the dimensions and layout of the room, contributing to defining the overall aesthetics.

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