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Modern and high quality design italian chairs that express comfort and italian elegance through the design language.

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Numerous versions give the house personality. Fabric, leather and wood which provide a more classic luxury and practical materials for the kitchen.

Designer and Contemporary italian chairs for kitchen, dining, living room

Several components play an important role when it comes to selecting chairs. They have to match their surroundings, particularly the table, but must also guarantee outstanding comfort. It is vital to make a proper compromise with the aesthetics. Kitchen chairs must be comfortable but practical. In this case the use of functional materials, such as wood, stainless leather or fabric is preferred. Plastic frame chairs are an excellent choice. If it is about providing chairs for an elegant dining room table, then precious materials such as wood, straw, untreated leather, velvet are preferred. This is especially true if the table also functions as a representative element of the living room. Leather always has a certain charm for a professional firm. It is recommended to choose chairs intended for the bedroom with a cover that matches the curtains and the surrounding upholstery. Discover the chairs by B&B Italia that can be purchased online.

Chairs and Armchairs of Design

Chairs and armchairs of design are two distinct elements that add character to different domestic environments. The chair is perfect for the dining area or kitchen, where functionality is crucial. The armchair, on the other hand, offers a more enveloping comfort and is ideal for the living room or relaxation area.

The main difference between a chair and an armchair lies in the structure and shape. Chairs generally have a slimmer structure, with the backrest and seat integrated into a linear form. Armchairs, on the other hand, often have a more enveloping design, with backrests and armrests offering greater lateral support.

Armchairs tend to be more padded and offer superior comfort compared to chairs, ideal for environments where a more welcoming seating experience is desired.
There are also hybrid models of chair-armchairs: a mix between the typical structure of a chair and the padded seat of an armchair.

Design Stools

What to choose between chairs and stools?

Design stools are a versatile addition to the kitchen because they offer not only additional seats but also a contemporary style.

There are different models of design stools for the kitchen:

  • Backless for a minimalist look, ideal as a stools for a quick snack
  • With a low backrest for discreet comfort, perfect as stools for a kitchen island
  • With a high backrest for extra support during convivial moments.

The special B&B Italia stools are made with high-quality materials and designed by the best international designers for a perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

Armchairs for the Dining Room

The perfect armchairs for the dining room must combine style and ergonomic support, contributing to creating a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere for convivial moments.
Dining armchairs, also called table armchairs, must be comfortable and, at the same time, reach the height of the table to allow diners to serve themselves.

Clean lines and precious materials, such as leather or velvet, of padded chairs and armchairs are the ideal solution for a refined dining experience. There are also variants of kitchen armchairs, comfortable and easy to clean, ideal for a spacious environment.

Take a look also at the proposals for Design Tables to match with B&B Italia design chairs and armchairs to give a distinctive touch to every space in the house.

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