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The B&B Italia Outdoor chairs collection features unique design, hi-tech materials and a guarantee of absolute quality, An excellent way to furnish outdoor spaces.

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Modern outdoor chairs

Underestimating the importance of garden furniture is very wrong. No one who has a green space next to the house should take this too lightly. Garden furniture, in fact, is not just for sitting down or setting knick knacks on. It must be functional and comfortable, but also attractive to see because it has to be outdoors where everyone can see it, as if it were in an actual room with to ceiling. In other words, living in style in the garden is very important. Firstly, the materials and style of garden furniture must be decided. The former must necessarily follow the same route as the choices for the interiors, to create a sense of stylistic continuity between the indoors and the outdoors that makes you think you haven't left the house, but rather that you are in an imaginative room without walls. Therefore, if the home interior is done in classic style, the outdoor furniture must also be in classic style. If the interiors are modern, then the outdoor chairs, benches and stools will have to be modern. The second choice concerns the materials, for which both personal taste and durability must be taken into consideration. Firstly, it is important to consider the weather that garden furniture are continually exposed to. Teak wood is very suitable for outdoor furniture because of its resistance, but people who do not want to do without a technological material can choose from aluminium, plastic and hi-tech polyethylene weaves. These solutions are always very popular because they make it possible to create new shapes and colours, and they are also functional because they are lightweight and can be moved easily. The woven pattern theme, in particular, has been masterfully explored by Patricia Urquiola. Woven structures are design innovations. Patricia's response to the Canasta series was to meld the traditional style of the Vienna straw chairs with futuristic shapes and materials. On the other hand, the weave took on a decorative cast in the Crinoline chairs. As regards colours, besides the classic green, white and grey, it is possible to choose colours that match flowers planted in the garden or to opt for colours in deliberate contrast.

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