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Discover the design armchairs of B&B Italia Outdoor. Quality is a must and relax is an absolute.

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Modern Outdoor Armchairs

B&B Italia gambled on its ability to develop an outdoor collection that would achieve an important position for its creativity, quality and comfort. The objective was to furnish and bring exclusive design to the best gardens, terraces, verandas, winter gardens and more in general to decks and patios of all types.  The response was to develop a vast collection of outdoor furniture, complete with all types of pieces and materials. The trivial dimension of enjoyment and of a freely found luxury, on which outdoor furniture are often based, was superseded through inventive research aimed at creating iconic, excellent products. Alongside the classic types of small and large armchairs and armchairs with armrests, we have added chairs with particular shapes and lively colours. These pieces stand out almost like sculptures in the garden. The outdoor chairs are practical and light, with easily removable and washable covers, which are ready for each outdoor living season. We have given the choice of materials a lot of thought. This means we already know how to store them during winter. An armchair is something that you choose with your heart and a bit of selfishness. It is special and personal, so you have to pay attention to your feelings during purchase. The right armchair wants us to discover it and bring it home. Taking care of it is almost natural, the storage place will have to be dry, the furniture must be protected by plastic or cardboard to avoid any damage.

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