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B&B Italia Contract Division has been selected by Boston Property as the supplier for all the FF&E at Hub50House.  All the common areas, the management offices and the amenities spaces have been furnished with B&B Italia timeless products.

Named Curbed Boston's Top Multifamily Building of the year, Hub50House is located at 50 Causeway Street in Boston’s West End and for its architecture and interior design features, redefines the urban lifestyle of Boston.

The 38-story tower includes 440 units, outdoor terraces, a sky pool, party rooms, a cozy cinema media room, a unique dog park at the 4th floor. This building is part of a larger development of mixed-used space, where people can grocery shop, go to a movie theater and have access to restaurants as well.

Melissa Schrock, Vice President of Development at Boston Properties, and Chiara Santini, former  Architect and Designer at SCB Architecture, have been interviewed about this luxurious residential project.

Where does ‘Hub50House’ name stem from?

We went through an extensive branding process with two different firms. Hub House was reinforcing the brand we wanted to build. We wanted to use a very simple word that downplays such a luxury apartment building, with hands-down the best design in Boston. Hub House also reinforces this idea that this is many people’s home. Melissa Schrock

While the space is extremely luxe and offers unparalleled amenities, it is not a pretentious space and this name allude to that. Chiara Santini

What was the inspiration behind the design?

The Boston Property team did a great job doing significant market research at the beginning. Boston Garden is an iconic place in Boston. The site had been left alone, and they wanted to bring it back to life. Boston Property wanted to incorporate some of the rich history into the new development they were going to be designing - and they wanted to bring this industrial feeling into the design by embracing the location without forgetting about the roots. Chiara Santini

The location is on the Old Boston Garden arena that was demolished in the late-90s. The garden was rebuilt directly behind the Hub50House and is part of the larger mixed-use space.We wanted to pay homage to the site and bring elements like reclaimed wood, black steel beams and more into the core of the building structure. What is beautiful is the juxtaposition with how the design gets more refined with each level you go up in the 38-story tower with the way materials like marble, polished metals, onyx stone and more were used to complete the interiors as well. Melissa Schrock

When was this project started?

Started the design of the project in 2015; completed construction documents in June 2016. We held off on completing the interiors until later in the process as we wanted everything to be as new and first to market as possible. We opened the lower half of the building in 2019 for the first set of occupancy (levels 21 and below), then completed the higher levels. Melissa Schrock

The process of designing this building never stopped. We continued to design each day, evolving as the days went on, to make the building a gem in the Boston area. The initial process was started at the beginning of 2015, but the idea of holding off on the interior was to make sure the design stayed current. We worked with B&B Italia closely as their furniture is timeless. Chiara Santini

Can you talk about how this project has evolved to become the largest development in Boston?

The Hub on Causeway was developed in three phases. The first phase incorporated a podium building that is about 200,000 sq feet of retail including a grocery store, live music venue, cinema, Guy Fieri restaurant, food hall with 18 local vendors, 20,000 sq foot sports bar and more. About 180,000 sq ft of loft style office space. The second phase included the building of the Hub50House that boasts a vibrant ecosystem for our residents. Third phase involved a massive tower built, which were the offices area is allocated. Melissa Schrock

What made you turn towards B&B Italia Contract for your furniture selection?

B&B Italia is in all the public areas of the building, and yes, including in the dog space. I choose to work with B&B Italia because of the custom experience you receive each time. To see that has been a great experience. When we proposed B&B Italia to Boston Properties, it was because B&B Italia had the tailored look that we were seeking and we knew if we worked with their team, they could really help polish each of the spaces. From the lower level, you start seeing some of the sophistication with the use of some of the reclaimed materials previously mentioned. B&B Italia was able to help find solutions for each space. Chiara Santini

From the owner’s perspective, it was about market differentiation. Wanted to make it the highest class project in the city of Boston and with B&B Italia Contract Division we achieved our goal. Melissa Schrock




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