Polaris Lounge

San Francisco, United States of America

B&B Italia Contract Division

The United Airlines Polaris Lounge, the biggest First Class Air Lounge in the world, has just opened in Terminal C of San Francisco International Airport (SFO). For this project supervised by Studio SCB Chicago, B&B Italia Contract Division provided all of the products needed to furnish the 2000 square meters that include the dining rooms, lounge and rest areas. In detail, the Contract Division supplied the tables, chairs and counters for the dining area and the sofas, armchairs and small tables for the lounge, in addition to engineering, designing and building the partition wall systems complete with workstations with integrated lighting. These are products from the B&B Italia and Maxalto collections, along with a selection of custom furnishings, all featuring exclusive finishes and details. In the next few months, two new Polaris Lounges are scheduled to open at the international airports of Newark, NJ, Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

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