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The action of choosing an item is gaining depth of meaning that reaches far beyond the item’s specific function. Commodities have a tendency to be charged with symbolic meaning that is, in practice, an extension of self; hence, the items one uses will define his personal sign system (Belk,1988).When we choose a product, we define and convey our identity - the personal dimension typical of our uniqueness in space and time - both to ourselves and to others. The choice also mirrors the most personal ambitions of the individual, of his ideal model, of his self in progress through an ongoing symbolic exchange with a subsequent convergence of the personalities of both consumer and product, which mutually influence and strengthen each other.This is even more evident with B&B Italia’s distinctive and highly characteristic furniture. This was the premise for the 'WHY I LIKE IT?' test created by B&B Italia in association with clinical psychologist Vidheya Del Vicario and now available on Facebook and the B&B Italia App for iPad. Want to find out what your choices say about you? Take the 'WHY I LIKE IT?' test and share your results with your friends. Download the B&B Italia App from the App Store Do the online test on the B&B Italia Facebook page

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