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“There are only two places where we live happily: at home and in Paris”Ernest Hemingway

And indeed, Maxalto is perfectly at home in Paris, in the imposing and fascinating, typically Haussmannian building that serves as the backdrop of its new advertising campaign. White wood panelling and precious stucco work, alongside a sequence of large windows perfectly mirrored by doors, highlight its contemporary aesthetic and timeless elegance. Based on Antonio Citterio's creative project, the setting pays a personal and rigorous tribute to the greatest French interior decorators of the early 1900s.

In the living area, the furniture is laid out to reflect the environment's symmetry, with each object mirrored by another, and the whole coming together to create aworld of its own.The dining area is deliberately more confined, making the atmosphere cosier and friendlier. Natural and black oak expertly coexist, with a large storage unit revealing an unexpected and illuminated fine leather interior.

Whether in Paris, New York, Milan or Tokyo, in a period residence or in a glazed penthouse: anytime, anywhere, the Maxalto collections are an expression of luxury and rigour, creativity and balance, versatility and personality.Welcome chez Maxalto, as from March in the most prestigious Italian and international magazines.

Art direction pc studioPhoto Tommaso SartoriGraphic design CR&S B&B Italia

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