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Students of the Master in Interior & Living Design guided by Patricia Urquiola as mentor of the current edition of the Master program and project leader of the first workshop, have been challenged to work on a project brief developed in partnership with B&B Italia about design of new concept and vision for B&B stores and had the chance to visit B&B Italia in Milan, a space located in one of the most peculiar design street in Milan. According to the circular economy model, where today’s goods are tomorrow’s resources and waste is a resource, students have been asked to propose a circular system where the showroom is enhanced with new social, cultural, recreational values for the city, that are supposed to make the space profitable, not only from the economic but also from the collective point of view. They have also to rethink the concept of “the space-in between the objects” and the “space of the objects”, reorganizing and contaminating this ideas with a new conceptual, functional and spatial asset.Last Friday 25th October each group of students showcased its own work in front of B&B Italia representatives, Patricia Urquiola and the faculty of the Master program. All the projects will be showcased into a special setting at the B&B Italia Store in Milan during 2014.

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