"Dinner For Two", the short movie by B&B Italia

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Design steals the show in the short movie created by B&B Italia in collaboration with OffiCine and Elle Decor Italia.

In an elegant Milanese apartment preparations for a dinner are underway. The hosts walk between the living room and the dining area where they are finishing to set up... 4 places at the table stand out.Thus begins the short movie, a brilliant comedy entitled Cena per due (Dinner for two), which premiered last December 5th in Milan at the B&B Italia Store. 

The story: a surprise dinner, a blind date organized by Azzurra and Thomas, the owners of the house, as a surprise to set up their two single friends, Ludovica and Stefano. All of this behind the two guests’ back, she at times neurotic and nonconformist and he a slightly awkward intellectual writer.  

Among the guests at the event were actors Alessandro Sampaoli, Mercedes Casali, Federico Mariotti - Marina Rocca was unable to attend because of theater commitments - and the young director Niccolò Valentini, an OffiCine student. The list of the cast, however, does not end there. Last but not least is a main character that deserves a special mention: the B&B Atoll sofa, designed by Antonio Citterio, which sets the scene for a love-hate exchange between Ludovica and Stefano, in a captivating game of strategies and twists.

The film, created in collaboration with OffiCine, the Advanced Training Laboratory created by the collaboration of Anteo SpazioCinema and Istituto Europeo di Design, boasted the artistic supervision of Silvio Soldini. The styling of the set was overseen by Elle Decor Italia who commissioned, for the occasion, Studio Silenzi.

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