A video to celebrate the 50 anniversary of the iconic UP chair

The legendary UP chair designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1969 turned 50 in 2019. B&B Italia celebrated this design icon of all times through a series of projects and events that have touched the territories of communication and retail marketing. We have told the UP through the eyes of the artistic spectrum: the social and provocative one of its brilliant designer, Gaetano Pesce; the retro-futuristic one - which unites the East and the West - by the Chinese artist Chen Wei; until the celebration of the primitive form of the UP, the woman and her sensuality, translated into words by a series of artists orchestrated by the French publication Beaux-Arts magazine. UP was promoted through the media, collecting editorials on the best international magazines and a wide digital visibility. We have created special projects telling the UP Series in a contemporary, pop way and developed an annual retail activation calendar in the mono-brands of the main cities of the world. We are now happy to share with you this year of celebrations throughout the most significant images.

Special Anniversary Set Up in B&B Italia Flagships and Monobrand Stores & Product Placements and Events in Selected Retailes and Events

In Store Events - 8 In Store Activations in Key Cities: Milan, New York, London, Paris,Tokyo, Shanghai, Manila, Hangzhou

UP5_6 as a Piece of Art - Special projects with outstanding partners from the art world: Beaux-Arts Magazine in France and West Bund Art & Design in Shanghai

Gaetano Pesce's Sculpture - To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this iconic piece, a monumental 8 meters-high Up5_6 of was built in Piazza del Duomo in Milan. It was pierced by 400 arrows to remember the many abuses that the woman suffers daily. The sphere, originally a footrest, has become the "ball at the foot” of the prisoner, a symbol of imprisonment and connected to the body of the woman (chair), through a chain. The condition of imprisonment and submission was emphasized by the presence of six beast heads ferocious that remember the cruelty of man.

Best Media Outreach

Digital Activation - More than 4 million impressions and 2,500 posts in which followers have used the#UP50 hashtag