Tales of Extraordinary Living

Freedom is to being able to see beyond the horizon, be it through a metal tube,
a photographic camera, or a pencil that draws a sketch.
This is what defines creativity: a step forward in an unexplored direction.
Dive into our “Tales of Extraordinary Living”:
two stories, two living concepts, two different worlds that collide to blend dark and light,
luxury and simplicity.

How does a story come to life?
We take you backstage and show you how we brought this new project to life.
Unique spaces that bring two worlds together: tradition, luxury and majesty
along with nature, simplicity and lightness.

A royal and luxurious castle in Italy and a contemporary white house in the countryside of Portugal.

Chapter One: Castello di Rivoli
in Northern Italy.

A castle that combines mystery, elegance and a sense of grand tradition.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Dive into our latest project and explore our photo gallery of new designs and inspirations.
Discover the world of luxurious design from our story inside Castello di Rivoli.

Chapter Two: a journey into the Portuguese countryside in Alentejo

We searched for a white house close to nature, childhood, memories and dreams.
Through these beautiful images, we take you through to the second chapter
of our story and introduce you to contemporary design.
Inside the white house in Alentejo, Portugal we take you back into a serene state of mind.

Illustrations by Alyson Fox

Artwork is a key element of our project as shown through
the sketches of the American designer Alyson Fox.
Explore Alyson’s world of creativity and take a look at her unusual works of art.

Meet the authors of our fascinating Tales of Extraordinary Living.
Giuseppe Lupo who wrote “The life of astronomer Bartolomeo Arcilaso, discoverer of future cities”.
In “The boy who dreamed of houses”, Elisabetta Rasy takes us on a literary journey filled with childhood, memories and dreams.