Studio Kairos


Giuseppe Manente, born in Mestre (VE) In 1947, after having attended the higher course of industrial design in Venice, obtained his architecture degree in 1972 at Venice University. He has been practicing architecture since 1973, operating in the civil and industrial construction field for public and private institutions. Abramo Mion, born in Mirano (VE) in 1951, attended the engineering faculty at Padova university and then in 1974 the architecture faculty of Venice university. At that time he became part of the design staff of a furniture industry and has since then been concerned with internal architecture. Kairos in classic Greek means the right point, the right place, the right degree. In ancient Greece, it was also a concept that defined a way of operating or designing. Kairos was, for example, the choice of the right place to build a house and, at the same time, the time one had to wait until the right moment to begin construction. This balance combination of place and time is intended to apply to every new Kairos project. Awards:1984 – “Sisamo”, wardrobe system for B&B Italia, won the prize “compasso d’oro”.1984 – “sisamo”, wardrobe system for b&b italia, won the prize of the magazine “shoner wohnen” as the best piece of furniture of the year.1987 – “Futura”, kitchen for dada, was selected for the prize “compasso d’oro”. 1987 – skiing-boot for dolomite was selected for the prize “compasso d’oro”. 1989 – “Abak “, operative office system for b&b – Herman Miller was selected for the prize “compasso d’oro”.1989 – prize eimu milano.1991 – prize milano office design.1994 –“Velante”, wardrobe system for B&B Italia was selected for the prize “compasso d’oro”.1998 –“Atlante”, sliding door system for B&B Italia, was selected for the prize “compasso d’oro”.1998 –“PAB”, living system for B&B Italia, was selected for “compasso d’oro”.

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