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Let yourself be inspired by the words of Piero Lissoni, Michael Anastassiades and Vincent Van Duysen.

The three famous designers talk about their new creations for B&B Italia trying to explain and convey the concept behind their projects: how they got their inspiration, what inspired them and how they developed it.

“I wanted to make a soft, formal but informal sofa with the ability to adapt like the Turkish and Oriental diwans…to reflect in a more amusing and alternative approach on a different way of using spaces, a funnier and a little bit alternative one”

Piero Lissoni about Dock seating system

“The idea behind the name is simply a propping up action of supporting something between the floor and the ceiling.”

Micheal Anastassiades about Jack bookcase

“It’s a very monolithic design…it’s incredibly engineer in its simplicity but as we all know behind a very simple visual structure there is a quite lot of complexity.”

Michael Anastassiades about Parallel Structure

 “The idea of this chair came from a reinterpretation of the original Spanish armchair…I wanted to give my own vision of this classic chair…I wanted to give an extra contemporary touch.”

Vincent Van Duysen about Pablo chair

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