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Tesaurus is a series of refined storage units designed by Antonio Citterio.

Starting with the curved wooden doors that open to reveal slightly protruding shelves, and a continuous profile that follows the outline, its shape underlines the high quality of the craftsmanship and expresses  the great attention to details that characterises the entire Maxalto Collection. Tesaurus is available in three different heights and widths, with two or four doors, with drawers and flap doors. The base is a die-cast aluminium structure, while the element above is a top in black marquina, white Carrara or Emperador marble.  The interiors are made of refined frisé maple. The craftsmanship is expressed in the luxurious parchment or wood finishes. The veneered oak or Chilean tineo veneer is made with a staggered checker motif with cross graining. Parchment covering is a long and meticulous process and needs to be laid by specialised craftsmen who are trained to respect the natural material’s characteristics. Over the passage of time the parchment surface matures and acquires new sophisticated hues. Thanks to the complex hand crafted processes inherent in the manufacturing processes , the value of Tesaurus is immediately obvious. Each piece in this collection becomes a unique object, difficult to imitate and authentically exclusive.