Tales of Extraordinary Living. A new vision for B&B Italia Home 14

Corporate news

B&B Italia Home, the collector’s volume published every year by B&B Italia, has been renewed and transformed for the new 2018 edition. In a world in which contamination and blended styles offer the key to understand the wide range of communication media, B&B Italia Home talks about contemporary living design by proposing a sophisticated combination of images, graphics and narration. The new project stages contrasting and complementary living dimensions, balanced between reality and free representation of an ideal world, through a network of both Italian and international talents: the photographer Tommaso Sartori, the artist and illustrator Alyson Fox, the narrators Giuseppe Lupo and Elisabetta Rasy. Iconic and literary dualism issues from the choice of two different settings, namely a castle and a white house, the highest expression of luxury and simplicity, often the icons of fantastic literature that by no mere chance has inspired the two short stories, which accompany them. The house becomes an “object” filled with stories, and each element contributes to define an identity: clouds and wolves, white façades and sumptuous decorations, iconic details, lights and transparencies, black, white and harmonious shapes. Words and things, ideas and reality, objects and fantasy are the conceptual thread that links settings and literary stories, enhanced by illustrations by Alyson Fox, who has been invited to consider B&B Italia’s iconic creations from an ironical and yet rigorous perspective. The project centres on B&B Italia design and, for the first time, on some Arclinea kitchens, the protagonists of a timeless living concept, unrestrained by stylistic bonds and specific places, ever modern and contemporary as a rule. Elegantly interwoven balances and contrasts of classical magnificence and contemporary rigour have been exploited to create B&B Italia furnishing collections in two exceptional locations. The first part entitled Nature is a haunted house presents a fairy tale atmosphere, darkened by deep shadows, in the sumptuous frescoed halls of Rivoli Castle, a Royal Residence in Piedmont. Built in the 9th-10th century, it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1977. Chapter two of these extraordinary fairy tales, entitled A light exists in the Spring, unfolds in the rooms and dehors of a minimalist architecture submerged in the uncontaminated landscape of Alentejo in Portugal. A house that blends contemporary simplicity in which a dazzling white prevails with a timeless rural landscape.