Social Report - Ribes and New Products 2019

During the first months of 2019 B&B Italia's social accounts have been entirely dedicated to promotional campaigns concerning the Ribes Outdoor Collection and the new 2019 products. Developing these social campaigns B&B Italia decided to invest in paid and sponsored contents in order to increase reach and visibility on a premium target focused on architects, design lovers and final customers. Moreover, noteworthy is the rapid growth of follower base that has been registered during Salone del Mobile week. In particular, Instagram account recorded +11.901 followers (41.9% of the first 4 months).

New 2019 products

The Campaign was developed on both B&B Italia’s Facebook and Instagram accounts with the creation of sponsored posts. The main KPIs were Reach and Impressions that were at their best during the Salone del Mobile period because of the increase of publications and adv campaigns.

The main touchpoint was Instagram, where with an investment of 8.9K euros, contents reached 4Mln users and 12Mln impressions. While in Facebook campaign, with an incurred investment of 3.5K, contents reached 2Mln users and 5Mln impressions. Interesting are also the outcomes related to Instagram stories that obtained more than 317K views.


In only 3 weeks, Ribes Campaign registered successful results on each social media channel. The main touchpoint was Instagram, immediately followed by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Instagram and Facebook posts were sponsored, and the main campaign KPIs were Reach, Traffic to website and Video views. Thanks to the adv campaign, contents reached more than 4mln users on Instagram and dragged more than 14K users to B&B Italia website. Instagram stories were very important to increase the product visibility through all the campaign phases and to create traffic to the Ribes page on B&B website.


Digital terminology

  • Reach: Estimated number of the potential customer it is possible to reach        
  • Impression: When a digital content renders on a user’s screen
  • View: Each time a user visits a web page
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives
  • Touchpoint: Can be defined as any way a consumer can interact with a business (physical store, online store, Instagram, FB, a website…)
  • Brand awareness: is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name