UP50 Celebration: Shanghai West Bund Art & Design Fair

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A whole year of celebrations all around the world of one of the most iconic design pieces of all times now ends in China. At the 6th edition of the West Bund Art & Design Fair in Shanghai, which provides a platform for international exhibitors to showcase the finest quality of modern and contemporary art, the artist Chen Wei created a one-of-a-kind artistic project called [∞] (INFINITY). 
The project [∞] (INFINITY) stems from the fascination by Chen Wei with retro futuristic imaginary that somehow permeates his productions in the recent development. Inspired by the sci-fi scenario of the advertising that in 1969 launched the UP series, produced by Swiss photographer Klaus Zaugg, as well as by the iconic shape of the chair, Chen Wei installation highlights the physicality, the sociability and the imagination about future that permeates the late 60s. The scenario that was at the center of the campaign of that time: 1969 was in fact the year that saw humanity reaching out to the moon. Chen Wei brings that feeling into the present-day conceiving an installation that crystalizes the depiction of the future that people had imagined 50 years ago. Images of distant planets, possible social interactions and peaceful silent open space glitch on electronic screens transformed into abstract imageries that float in the space. Objects, LED sculptures and the UP5_6 accompanied by the foot (UP_7 another iconic piece of the series) become body parts of an ideal human of the future. The morphological design of “UP” is considered almost like a body as well, if only because it is the sofa that embraces those who sit on it, like the “Big Mama” or an anthropomorphic counterpart of Kubrick’s monolith in “2001: A Space Odyssey”. In other words, Chen Wei’s installation represents the tangible connection between physicality and the context of the digital world we are living in. The project is curated by Davide Quadrio with the production of Arthub. More iconic UP5_6 chairs in the 50th anniversary Special Edition will also be placed in other spaces of the fair, tracking a sort of ideal design path in the pavilion.

About West Bund Art & Design Fair
Established in 2014, West Bund Art & Design features more than 100 leading galleries from Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America at West Bund Art Center. The fair provides a platform for international exhibitors to showcase the finest quality of modern and contemporary art in Shanghai. With exhibitions and art events offered by museums and galleries in the city, West Bund has made November’s Shanghai a permanent fixture on the global art calendar.

November 7-10, 2019
West Bund Art Center, 2555 Long Teng Avenue,
Xuhui District, Shanghai


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