Parallel Structure and Jack by Michael Anastassiades

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Michael Anastassiades enriches the 2019 product collection by designing his first table for B&B Italia: Parallel Structure, a basic structure with a minimal and essential vision – a concept that becomes an object. Starting from its name, Parallel Structure is a product that naturally brings an architectural approach to the design world.

“This design focuses on expressing the table's structural elements to accentuate its rudimentary geometries.”

The relationship between the cleanliness of the form and the structural elements along with  the combination of different materials are the key aspects that identify Anastassiades’s table.

The legs are in solid wood, while the side supports , architraves connecting the coloured aluminium bars , conceal  a metal core, necessary to provide stability and greater visual lightness to the structure. The collection includes two sizes and tops in different materials: Canaletto walnut and four oak finishes  - light, grey, black and smoked . Offering a choice between a  minimal aesthetic or glass, which enhances the beauty of the engineering process through transparency. This table creates a pure and monolithic statement , where apparent simplicity removes  all that is superfluous.

Then, after the great success of the last year, Jack bookcase system returns with a new structure, finishes and modules in order to make it suitable for  all the different styles and situations. In addition to the original vertical floor to ceiling upright, Anastassiades has designed a new rod to be fixed back to the wall. Together with this new structure deeper shelves and new storage units, such as drawers and flap doors, have been introduced. All the elements are available in the original  black and white version,  and a new a Canaletto walnut option has been  added for the shelves and storage units along with the four oak finishes- light, grey, black and smoked.