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B&B Italia is launching, on the occasion of Milan Design Week, a series of prestigious authoritative that reveal a complex creative track and summarise the amazing progress that transforms an idea into an object to be used, a 2D mark into a piece of furniture that will adorn domestic landscapes at various latitudes. B&B Italia and Maxalto are presenting a series of new designs for living and night areas.For B&B Italia the dominant theme is seating, with new sofas and armchairs that have a calling for a starring and soloist role, thanks to their generous sizes and original look with high backrests and ottomans.Three different proposals with several common factors that are all special, that pull alongside a series of new tables both for Indoor and Outdoor.Maxalto is launching a new family of storage units with modern shapes and refine colour combinations, together with new tables and sofas that elegantly interpreted modern aesthetic trends and express a timeless “modern classic” design.B&B Italia Store Via Durini 14, Milan8-12 April open 9:30am - 9:00pm13 April open 9:30am - 7:30pm

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