Maxalto - Heritage Perspectives 2021

Heritage Perspectives, the Maxalto 2021 collection, completes a design process started 25 years ago by its creative director Antonio Citterio, who wants to create not only objects but an entire idea of the environment. In the words of the architect Citterio, the vision: "an imaginary theatrical scene of a bourgeois environment, of French inspiration, where the first products were born in which I tried to combine aesthetic and functional pleasure".  

The Maxalto collection presents itself with a rethought and redesigned identity in color shades, dimensions, materials, and typologies. It offers a warm environment and a lighter aesthetic, renewed but always consistent and in harmony with that initial idea of a Déco environment sought by Antonio Citterio. Animated by an idea of reasoned luxury, by the search for an aesthetic that is neither aggressive nor shady in furnishings and objects, which is not only an exploit of structures, colors and materials, but finds a point of balance as a whole and in each individual model , the Maxalto collection presents a wide range of tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, beds, containers which are at the same time functional objects capable of creating all together places to live, "rooms" of an ideal home in the vision of a designer and of an industry that has never forgotten their roots: the know-how of a long artisan tradition, the intelligence to understand the evolution of living, what is destined to last and what will necessarily have to change, the to constantly regenerate.

Maxalto therefore arrives today with a very clear idea and image: not only a universe of coherent and homogeneous products, which are added fluidly to each other and do not feel the passage of time and fashions, rather they are renewed with its passing, but also an integrated communication perimeter, curated by Studio Juma, in perfect harmony with this idea of ​​environment, which develops into the images of the 2021 advertising campaign and, in particular, into a precious book-catalogue that celebrates the entire collection of the brand, marking an ideal closing the circle.