Salone 2019 - Fluid Spaces

Events & fairs

The new 2019 Maxalto Collection, designed and coordinated by Antonio Citterio, has been enriched with new pieces, new structures and finishes and several extensions of existing product ranges. The new vision elevates the brand’s history and guides it into the future underlining Maxalto’s desire for excellence and originality.

As Antonio Citterio said, the new 2019 Collection is built around the concept of objects with fluid shapes “that you can imagine free-standing in space and have fewer references to walls” as they don’t need to be placed next to them.  That is a totally new way of conceiving space rethinking the position of each element in the domestic space and providing them with their own identity.

New and elegant balances of curved and straight lines are expressed with creativity and precision contrasting softness and rigour. Each element of the new collection is a perfect combination of precious materials, like wood, metals and selected fabrics, craftsmanship and attention to detail.