The exhibition "B&B Italia/The perfect density" becomes permanent

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The exhibition "B&B Italia/The perfect density", conceived by Migliore+Servetto Architects to celebrate the 50th anniversary of B&B Italia and hosted at the Triennale di Milano during the Milan Design Week 2016, becomes permanent at the B&B Italia’s headquarter in Novedrate.
The installation identifies the concept of density as the narrative fulcrum. “Density” is taken as a feature of B&B Italia’s identity in a broad sense: from the product physical and material nature to the conceptual one. Density of ideas and projects, always projecting the company into the future, through a continuous drive for innovation.
Through a narrative synthesis, built on intersecting light planes, images and historical graphics, the installation presents a symbolic representation of the pulsating brain of a company that, over the years, has been capable of producing unique pieces, veritable icons of Italian design.
At the centre of space 8 high vertical cages, pulsating and in movement, create a weave of bright beams that project into the room images and texts, tracing out a system of allusions and suggestions among the various elements. A big brain, whose synapses, shaken by light pulses, surround the visitor in an ongoing and layered tale. Further insight is then provided by the 8 themed towers, which offer 8 different narrative videos. 
Two continuous bands scroll across the side walls, revealing an environmental video consisting of a sum of micro-stories: images of graphics, products, people who over time have helped to build the brand’s excellence, and whose faces and gestures are reproduced to infinity by a system of mirrors. 



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