Dock by Piero Lissoni

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Piero Lissoni continues  his collaboration with B&B Italia with the design of a  new sofa system Dock, aimed at a younger audience, Millennials, who will surely appreciate its lower seat and more focus on comfort. Thanks to the 84 elements that form the collection it is possible to  create thousands of combinations to compliment a young persons lifestyle, giving flexibility and the option to create sociable seating modern settings. Dock creates  a more dynamic and versatile environment that keeps moving to adapt to different situations. It has been designed to be used 24/7 and it can transform  itself from a sofa to a co-working space in just few steps.

“I thought about the simplicity and conviviality of an Eastern-style diwan and transposed it into the contemporary world so it became a new diwan generation… Dock is a place, an oasis of life to be used for pure relaxation.”

The Dock’s shape is based around its platform. Its solid material underlines this eclectic system’s horizontal landscape. The platform is a dynamic element, which extends for the sofa’s entire length to form a support surface.

The narrower armrest is available in two depth sizes and is generously padded like the backrest. The cushions play with sizes and proportions, making it possible to create double-sided, corner and chaise-longue compositions, with or without backrests that are suitable for the room centre or more traditional solutions.

The dock can also be developed vertically and is equipped with accessories that allow to create a varied landscape. It is in fact possible to insert extra elements between the seat cushions such as comfortable padded armrests, while slender transparent or smoked glass oval tables can be placed on the platform. These supporting elements for the body and objects provide further choices, for a visual rhythm, which gives additional possibilities to experience, and conceive the system.

The armrest and seat cushions have elegant tone-on-tone stitching. In addition to the classic B&B Italia fabric and leather upholstery range, two new exclusive fabrics have been designed for Dock that stand out for their strength.

The comfortable soft padding creates a peaceful harbour, which can be further defined by the possibility to choose among different depths and heights. Three depths can in fact be combined with a 38 cm seat height, or with a 26 cm one, which is almost ground level to create an eastern-style seat.

After spending some time on Dock, you can leave the port and set sail for unfamiliar places, rested, and rejuvenated .

Dock and Spool complements

The Dock system is accompanied by a series of complementary elements that enrich its eclectic nature. A large low table in two sizes becomes a generously sized platform. Rectangular or square, it has the same design and finish as the sofa base – Canaletto walnut, light, grey, black and smoked oak. Spool is the collection’s mascot. It is a small table in printed and painted rigid polyurethane in a glossy finish, which is available in 18 colours. With its distinctive  shape and strong colours, Spool is a lively punctuation that celebrates and compliments  the Dock system.