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Water, sky, earth, sun: the architecture of nature. The new B&B Italia Outdoor 2018 catalogue is a picture book evoking different landscapes and the furnishings designed to accompany the experience of nature. The Outdoor collection caters to spectacular outdoor living: furnishings that combine comfort and functionality with the technical and formal qualities of every B&B Italia product.

Bay, designed by the British duo Doshi Levien, is a new collection of outdoor seats that stand out for their sculptural and monolithic yet visually light appearance. Their enveloping volumes accommodate padded rock-like seats and soft cushions that reflect the elegance, comfort and refinement of B&B Italia’s indoor products. Sensually shaped double braids create air pockets that grant transparency and lightness to the furnishings.

Fiore, designed by the Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa, is a new collection of small dining tables and coffee tables characterised by the perfect formal balance and bold texture of the concrete finish, available in two colours: greige and white.

Gio and Erica, both designed by Antonio Citterio, are two outdoor seating lines adding a touch of contemporary classicism to outdoor living.


"Many years ago, I called my chairs ‘Papilio’ because their silhouettes reminded me of butterflies. Now I have called my latest project ‘Fiore’, or flower in Italian, because the Papilio Shell chairs sit around these tables like butterflies flying around a flower."
Naoto Fukasawa



Milan Design Week (17-22 April)

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