Digital Magazines - New Partnership

B&B Italia has activated several partnerships with some of the main online magazines dedicated to modern design, like Design Milk, Contemporist and DesignWanted whose worldwide audience perfectly corresponds to B&B Italia's target market: architects, design enthusiasts and professionals with a refine sense of style.

Talking about the partnership with Design Milk (+500K monthly readers and 1.5 Mln monthly page views) it included a media coverage (6Mln followers on all social media) with post dedicated to UP50. In addition, a newsletter aimed at the American market concerning the new 2019 products and the B&B Italia US bestsellers, such as Charles, B&B Atoll, Michel, Tufty-Time and Bend-Sofa. Result: More than 416k impressions and 13k engagments on Instagram

Another noteworthy partnership is the one with Contemporist magazine (1.6 Mln monthly page views and +600K monthly visitors worldwide) which consisted in two posts on their website: one dedicated to Charles Sofa that has been published in May and a second one concerning the new 2019 products that will be created in September.

Recently the company has started a collaboration with DesignWanted, a new Italian platform dedicated to design and architecture very strong on Instagram (556k followers).


Digital terminology

  • Reach: Estimated number of the potential customer it is possible to reach        
  • Impression: When a digital content renders on a user’s screen
  • View: Each time a user visits a web page
  • KPI: Key Performance Indicator is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives
  • Touchpoint: Can be defined as any way a consumer can interact with a business (physical store, online store, Instagram, FB, a website…)
  • Brand awareness: is a marketing term that describes the degree of consumer recognition of a product by its name

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