Digital Magazines - New Global Partnership

Corporate news

B&B Italia is continuing to activate partnerships with some of the main online magazines dedicated to modern design, like DesignBoom, Archello and DesignWanted whose worldwide audience is aligned with B&B Italia's target market: architects, design enthusiasts and professionals with a refined sense of style.

The partnership with DesignBoom (450K subscribers and 3,5mln readers) includes an article on the website featuring the Dock Seating System with an interview with Piero Lissoni.

Result: Almost 19k views from the article and almost 12k on Facebook.

Another noteworthy partnership is the one with Archello, a platform for architecture and design that shows the “behind the scenes” of a project: product, stories and production teams. With 7mln annual visits and more than 70% of the audience from professionals Archello has a new approach to the digital enviroment. B&B Italia is featuring residential hotel, commercial and airline lounge projects amongst others .

The collaboration with DesignWanted is highly focused on editorial. A small Italian digital company that has dedicated a series of Instagram posts to B&B Italia posted in a totally organic way. The total reach was more than 680k views.

Have a look at DesignWanted