THE COUCH, the new B&B Italia podcast on the design culture and the art of staying at home

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Staying at home has never been so important (or necessary) and B&B Italia, following the drive for innovation which is part of our DNA, and which has always guided the development of our products, takes up the challenge by identifying new narratives, that can bring our international audience closer virtually.

This is the goal of THE COUCH, the official podcast from B&B Italia curated by David Plaisant. In addition to highlighting the crucial nature of the home in these extraordinary times, THE COUCH also brings to design lovers, stories about the company, curiosities and insights - thanks to the uniqueness of the history of one of most iconic Made in Italy brands. Furthermore, the podcast will deal with content related to the “culture of design” more broadly, through dialogues with a series of international speakers.
Never before has the domestic environment been experienced to this extent, and so, the first series, consisting of seven episodes, will see a parterre of designers, writers, collectors and curators discuss precisely the importance of the living space, wonder what makes it, what it is and how industrial design has affected the way we use our homes today.

First episodes, online from mid-May, will include:

Ep. 1 - What makes a home?
As we are using our homes like never before, we discover just how crucial the domestic space is to our culture. We trace the origins of modern home design and see how it can be both a refuge and platform of creativity.
Guests: Michael Anastassiades, designer, Tom Morris, writer and interiors expert, and Professor Penny Sparke, design academic.

Ep. 2 - Know your couch.
From radical, experimental design to brash, sensational advertising there are some couches that tell a story. We go on design voyage sitting on some masterful couches along the way, including Gaetano Pesce’s UP, Antonio Citterio’s Sity, Mario Bellini’s Le Bambole.
Guests: Antonio Citterio, Architect, Piero Lissoni, Architect, Nina Yashar, gallerist and entrepreneur, and Catharine Rossi, author.

Ep. 3 - Crafted industry.
Design at in its very essence is about crafting objects that can be made and used again and again. Italian design maestro Mario Bellini discusses that process and looks back 50 years to the creation of his iconic Camaleonda.
Guest: Mario Bellini, Architect.

The episodes of THE COUCH will be announced on the B&B Italia social media pages and will be available on the B&B Italia official web site, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

David Plaisant, curator and narrative voice of the podcast is a freelance journalist and writer who lives between London and Rome. For 5 years David has curated numerous podcasts on design, including the “Architecture & Anthropocene” series for the Milan Triennale and for Monocle 24 Radio in London.

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