The Collection is Expanding

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The new 2019 Collection, entirely designed by Antonio Citterio, brings with it new projects, finishes and extensions of existing products ranges that give Maxalto a new identity and energy driving it to the future.

It is based on a totally new way to concept domestic spaces, where elements are positioned, rethinking their distance from the walls. Objects, with their own character and personality, seem to float in the room becoming synonymous with both sophistication and elegance.

Each element of the Maxalto Collection is the perfect combination of precious materials, like wood, metals and selected fabrics, craftsmanship, attention to detail and absolute exclusivity.

Apollo, the new range of upholstered furniture that stands out for its clear and elegant shapes. It is composed of three sofa types that can be combined, while its pleasantly curved but rigorous lines allow distinguishing each element and creating a harmony between curves and linear forms. In its fluid shape, where the corners seem designed to accommodate the body, geometry becomes comfort with Apollo. At first glance, the padding of the seat and cushions, the backrest height, the lack of feet, and the generous seat depth are the elements that make Apollo welcoming and appealing. The fabric covers are embellished with a raised stitch detail, while for the leather covers sport a sophisticated envelope stitching.

Tesaurus, a series of refined storage units characterized by curved wooden doors that open to reveal slightly protruding shelves and soft shapes. Tesaurus is available in three different heights and widths, with two or four doors, with drawers and flap doors. The base is a die-cast aluminium structure, while the element above is a top in black Marquina, white Carrara or Emperador marble.  The interiors are made of refined frisé maple. The craftsmanship is expressed in the luxurious parchment or wood finishes. Thanks to the complex hand crafted processes inherent in the manufacturing processes, the value of Tesaurus is immediately obvious. Each piece in this collection becomes a unique object, difficult to imitate and authentically exclusive.

Dike bed stands out for its distinctive unusually-sized headboard that creates a new furniture category. It is made up with two panels each 2 metres high and 125 centimetres wide, ending with two mobile elements, anchored by an elegant full-height hinge. Dike presents several unique characteristics, like the significant bed height, that follow a precise concept of B&B Italia for the sleeping area

Finally, The Caratos range grows and adds new elements to those presented in 2017 becoming suitable for every kind of situation: a small armchair with armrest, an armchair, a tub armchair, a tub armchair, two stools with swivel seat, a bench, an ottoman and a coffee table. The graphite and amber metal structures are accompanied by the new blue, amaranth, and cream varnishes, which complement the fabric covers. Noteworthy is the introduction of a soft, deep pile wool velvet that creates a “teddy bear” effect.