Borea by Piero Lissoni: sustainability, innovation & design

We often think of design objects as products of a designer’s brilliant mind and the skilled hands of those who make them. We are aware that objects are part of a cycle, our lives and the environment.

B&B Italia works constantly to develop projects that increasingly consider the product’s entire life cycle, which starts from the designer’s idea, passes through the choice of materials and production, and ends with the user’s experience. But right from the start it looks ahead to the life cycle’s end, and the recovery and disposal of the materials that make up the product.

In this perspective, Borea is an eco-design collection with exceptional design, comfort, durability and circularity features. It uses recycled and recyclable materials, which can be separated so that, at the end of its life cycle, depending on the material, each individual element can be recovered or disposed of properly.
The circular economy thus becomes a sustainability paradigm - it is not an abstract philosophy, but a new concept for the design of industrial processes.