B&B Italia at Trends '50 '70

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B&B Italia is pleased to accept the invitation to participate in the review Inclinazioni '50/'70. Racconti di innovazione in architettura e design [Trends '50/'70. Stories of innovation in architecture and design], sponsored by Fondazione Architettura Belluno Dolomiti, that will be held in the “Cube” of Palazzo Crepadonna, Belluno, on 8-23 February 2014.The curators, architects Roberto De Biasi, Valentino Stella, Laura Soravia and Emanuele Michelli, have decided to dedicate one of these meetings to B&B Italia, “acknowledged as one of the most representative companies in the sector for expertly merging modern industrial technology with design at a time, the 1960s, when the handcrafting industry ruled the scene.”A dedicated fitting will, therefore, stage a prototype and the armchair Coronado by Afra and Tobia, the sofa Le Bambole and two small tables Gli Scacchi by Mario Bellini, the latter from B&B Italia's historical Archive, and, finally, the iconic Up5_6 by Gaetano Pesce.The meeting dedicated to B&B Italia will be attended by Renzo Minotti, B&B Italia's Sales Director for Italy, and by Architect Tobia Scarpa, moderated by the editor Elena Franzoia.Friday, 21 February, 05.00 pmThe 'Cube', Palazzo CrepadonnaVia Ripa 332100 BellunoRSVP fondazione@fadb.it

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