B&B Italia strengthens digital activities to communicate with its community

Corporate news

B&B Italia has never stopped the dialogue with its community and continues to communicate through different projects designed to support our customers and dealers in this difficult period.

Webinar sessions started in the past weeks, monthly events that develop a schedule of corporate themes with the aim of increasing the knowledge of the company's distinctive elements (collaboration with designers, planning), improving product knowledge (technical content) and to share information that is useful for retailers' day-by-day activities (such as designing a wardrobe system, fabric maintenance, etc.).

As regards to digital communication, the editorial calendar on the company's social media platforms does not stop, with a weekly uploads of new and ad hoc content, in particular on Instagram, where B&B Italia is the industry leader with  over 410,000 followers. Not forgetting Pinterest, an rapidly growing platform (over 40,000 followers) and a source of inspiration for architects and interior designers thanks to its lifestyle approach, and Linkedin, the business channel where B&B Italia that has over 17,000 followers.

In addition to these activities, there is the online consultancy service for customers: the company's team of architects and designers is constantly working with the dealers on different residential and contract projects (hotels, apartment buildings, etc.).