B&B Italia presents Liagò by Piero Lissoni

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“I tried to freeze some architectural elements by imagining these pieces of furniture as if they were pieces of architecture. Platforms, supporting pylons, containing sides, closed spaces – like buildings, and large terraces that open. In this case there are no people but, instead, one can place objects.”  Piero Lissoni

Piero Lissoni designed Liagò for B&B Italia, a new range of storage units ideal for dining and living areas. The collection consists of two low storage units with doors and drawers and one high storage unit with hinged and flap doors. Liagò is in the Venetian architectural tradition - an outdoor loggia made of wood, often featuring a marble floor. It is a place suspended in space and time, a precious and rare area that allows lagoon houses to breathe and let the sun in. Piero Lissoni starts from this classic and reinterprets it, maintaining its frame and materials, but with a new use and updated role.
The clean lines and impressive thickness define this architecture-inspired collection. Just like a building, the 50mm-thick frame hides a functional soul. Side and back panels are assembled to create a compartment inside them, allowing the passage of electrical cables and other elements. This means Liagò storage units can accommodate power supply and connections for televisions, monitors, lamps, speakers, amplifiers, weather stations, home voice assistants and other wired devices. This is made possible by “folding”, i.e. the wooden panel cut, which replicates a fold, a construction technique that makes it possible to make the joints between the top and edge invisible, continuing the wood grain throughout the unit and avoiding unsightly interruptions. 
The collection’s furniture can be placed directly on the floor or on elegant adjustable steel feet. They are made of light canaletto walnut with raw or grey effect. The range includes lacquered finishes in 18 gloss and satin colours, which can radically transform each piece’s style. The upper tops can be in wood, lacquered, Carrara white marble, and Sahara Noir black marble. 
The interiors are covered with a refined silky, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint, grey, melamine material. The internal shelves are made of smoked grey glass. Drawers have an incredibly thin frame. B&B Italia offers a preview of this innovation. Liagò can be equipped with an internal lighting system and for the high storage unit open compartment. This solution completes the interior’s extreme elegance and ensures that objects in each compartment have the right space, perhaps with additional elements such as the canaletto walnut removable trays which guarantee additional customisation and versatility, to make the furniture suitable for any environment‘s style and taste. 
The project features details such as soft seals applied to the horizontal edges, concealed hinges, flap openings with hinge and hidden mechanism. These are sophisticated but discreet elements for this range of reassuring looking objects which hide high-level technological solutions.