B&B Italia presents Camaleonda by Mario Bellini

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“Camaleonda is a name that I invented in 1970 by mixing two words: the first is the name of an extraordinary animal, the chameleon (camaleonte in Italian), that can adapt to the environment around it and the word ‘onda’, wave, that indicates the curve of the sea and the desert. Both these words describe the shape and function of this sofa.” Mario Bellini

Camaleonda, the modular seating system designed by Mario Bellini in 1970, makes its comeback 50 years later, speaking a contemporary language. The sofa preserves all the elements that have made it a contemporary classic: the 90x90 cm seat module, with or without backrest and armrest, the generous padding that forms the characteristic capitonné design and the system of cables, hooks and rings which defines the characteristic look and modularity. The innovative aspect lies in the structure of the seat, which is now made up of recycled or recyclable materials that can be easily disassembled to meet sustainability and environmental circularity criteria.

Gli Scacchi
“They are among the most playful pieces of furniture I have ever designed”. Mario Bellini

Gli Scacchi, the chess pieces, are a series of accessories to become additional tables or seats which complete the flexible nature of Camaleonda. The three pieces that make up the collection are inspired by the game of chess, in particular the queen, the knight and the rook (hence the Italian names Regina, Cavallo, Torre), light and easy to move like on a chessboard. The soft polyurethane structure offers soft covers made of thick leather and calf hide with visible stitching. At the base there is an elegant metallic profile, an element that defines the geometry of the shape in contrast, with the softness of the object.