B&B Italia Outdoor Collection - New Print Campaign 2020

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The B&B Italia Outdoor advertising campaign is enriched with the new Hybrid subject, designed by Antonio Citterio for the 2020 collection, which goes alongside the other creatives.

Hybrid is a modular seating system with a high rate of innovation, extremely versatile and with an almost infinite modularity. The key role of the textile dimension immediately stands out, which completely covers a generous padding, absolute protagonist. These are typical indoor elements taht Hybrid brings with determination in the outdoors. Hence the name of the collection, which is  a real link between the interior and exterior of the house. Hybrid is in fact the perfect piece of furniture for climates and spaces that are defined by the continuity between inside and outside, environments that are naturally open to an en-plein-air dimension, but also for living spaces integrated into terraces or gardens.

The image wants to communicate this "internal-external" value and presents a game of reflections to underline the relationship between architecture and the surrounding nature. Hybrid is reflected in the windows of the villa and creates a twin version inside the living room, in the background the wooded landscape and in the distance, the sea. Even the trees reflected in the window seem to be projecting back into the sky, behind the white roof. Finally in the pool, the seating system doubles mirrored in the calm water of a late summer day.

Art Direction studio FM milano

Styling studio Salaris

Photographer Tommaso Sartori

Campaign format: single page