B&B Italia @ IED Design Madrid

B&B Italia continues the celebrations for their 50th anniversary and bring the documentary film "B&B Italia. Poetry in the shape. When design meets industry" at IED Design teachers and students in Madrid.

The documentary film tells the story of B&B Italia’s founder Piero Ambrogio Busnelli from a personal and business perspective, the company and its eye on future. Innovation, technology and advanced industrial processes are explained in 47 intense minutes of interviews, images and suggestions.

Together with Fiorella Villa, PR & Communications Director of B&B Italia who introduces the film, the author Stefano Casciani presents the book "The long life of design in Italy. B&B Italia 50 years and beyond", published by Skira in Italian and English. The book tells about the past and present of B&B Italia and contains important contributions from Renzo Piano, Ferruccio de Bortoli and Deyan Sudjic, that testifies to the importance and consistency of B&B Italia on the Italian and international cultural and economic scene.

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