B&B Italia is co-producer of the documentary film "To Duration" dedicated to Peter Handke

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B&B Italia is co-producer of the documentary film dedicated to Peter Handke and his poem "To Duration" (Einaudi), alongside 3D Productions directed by Didi Gnocchi.

Writer, playwright, essayist, poet, travel reporter and screenwriter, and winner of the 2009 Franz Kafka Prize, Peter Handke was accosted by the 3D Productions crew at his home in Chaville, France, where he gave a very intimate, soul-searching account of his personal vision of ‘duration'. This age-old, yet highly contemporary theme is particularly relevant to the hustle and bustle of modern society, and our consequent inability to grasp the meaning of life. “The path to Duration is loyalty; loyalty to form, which is aesthetics,” reveals Peter Handke. “We always belittle aesthetics, though aesthetics is but the application of ethics”. A strong, profound statement that B&B Italia identifies with in its daily mission to boost Italian design excellence. Handke's life stories are recounted by Bruno Ganz - dubbed in Italy by Michele Placido - who epitomises the artist’s work as a screenwriter, and who reads extracts of the poem penned by his friend.

The Italian première of the documentary film "To Duration" will be held in Milan on 27 September at the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema (invitation only), with screenings on 28, 29, 30 September and 1 October at 13:30. The film will also be premièred on Sky Arte HD on 29 September at 20:15 (reruns on 2 October at 13:45 and 4 October at 18:30).

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