40 years of Piano's' building

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40 YEARS ANNIVERSARY SINCE THE CONSTRUCTION OF B&B ITALIA’S HEADQUARTERS IN NOVEDRATE, PROJECT BY RENZO PIANO AND RICHARD ROGERS.The strong belief in design, the projects creativity and the audacious experimentation, which have marked B&B Italia’s DNA since the very beginning, express the company’s strong vocation for research and innovation, which has led to a series of records in the fields of technology, design and also architecture. And this is the background of B&B Italia’s prestigious headquarters, which was designed by Piano and Rogers between 1971 and 1973, commissioned by Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, founder of the company and man capable of “sensing the future” thank’s to his skill to perceive and anticipate trends. Distinguished by an architecture that offers a real-scale prototype of Beaubourg concepts “a project that won Piano and Rogers international fame” the building is light and partly transparent, ‘released’ from gravitational force and projected into the future. It is evidence of experimentation and innovation that were exceptional for Italian architecture of the time, and “manifesto” of the company’s industrial approach, which has always been open to research and experimentation.Read the critical assay by Stefano Casciani

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