Small tables

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Small table
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Small tables
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The side table is an important element in  furnishing a living room for its practical function, as a support function and for its aesthetics which complements the room furnishing with a touch of style. Elegant simplicity or briskness when choosing a novel design or bright colours. The side tables need to be something extremely versatile (in many “informal” cases, they are used as a footrest). For this reason, they are manufactured form different materials including oak, lacquered wood, solid wood, stone and other materials such as glass. It is possible to choose from more functional finishes such as metal or satin or gloss lacquered wood, or focus on the most valuable craftsmanship pieces which are an expression of the Made in Italy luxury. There are multifunctional tables which are ideal for smaller homes. There is furniture that is equipped with compartments, tables with a storage unit or a bookcase which is suitable for the storage of books, CDs and DVDs. It is possible to choose from various sizes of the top – oval, round, square. It is possible to play with various heights to allow the overlap of one to another. They can also be placed by a sofa or a bed.

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Small tables
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Designer small tables. In the house, the garden and on the terrace. They lend a hint of glamour to any environment.

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Small tables
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Paolo Piva, Citterio, Fukasawa, Atelier Oi, Patricia Urquiola, Vincent Van Duysen, Ray and Barber Osgerby are only a few names of the international designers who developed small tables, coffee tables and multi-purpose tables for B&B Italia. This category of furniture is "micro", or rather with small sized structures that can be the starting point for effective, consistent objects that are almost architectural in nature. The designers worked with the B&B Italia R&D department to address several important themes. First of all, the affinity between artisan techniques and mass production. The company works with fine traditional materials like marble, solid wood and oak, but also with leather, and succeeds at giving it unusual innovative applications. We also work with more technological materials like resins. Quality is a must, and we guarantee it through our Italian made production.