Fabrics and Finishes

Find information about the complete sample kit of fabrics, leathers and finishes. This library is not a specification tool. To view finishes in person and for specification and ordering assistance, please visit your local B&B Italia dealer or contact us online.
You can download maximum 20 files simultaneously

Cream white colour
Dark brown colour
Dark brown eco-leather profile
Dark brown fabric
Dark brown merino
Dark brown profile
Dark brown regenerated leather
Dark grey colour
Dark grey colour
Dark grey colour
Dark grey eco-leather profile
Dark grey polypropylene
Ecru / black colour
Embossed thick leather 100
Embossed thick leather 150
Embossed thick leather 350
Embossed thick leather 400
Embossed thick leather 420
Embossed thick leather 750
Enamelled lava stone with anthracite decoration
Enamelled lava stone with clay decoration
Enamelled lava stone with sage decoration
Envelope stitch



The colours on the screen, for well known technical reasons, are indicative only and may differ from the actual finish