Fabrics and Finishes

Find information about the complete sample kit of fabrics, leathers and finishes. This library is not a specification tool. To view finishes in person and for specification and ordering assistance, please visit your local B&B Italia dealer or contact us online.
You can download maximum 20 files simultaneously

Glossy thyme green
Glossy tobacco
Glossy tortora
Graphite black painted
Graphite colour
Graphite painted
Green bandiera
Green cathedral glass
Green polyolefin interlacing
Green polypropylene
Greige painted
Grey abaca interlacing
Grey canaletto walnut
Grey painted metallic mesh
Grey polyolefin interlacing
Grey porcelain stoneware
Grey stone porcelain stoneware
Hazelnut colour



The colours on the screen, for well known technical reasons, are indicative only and may differ from the actual finish